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Students are required to write and submit the essay at all stages of their academics, whether in school or college or while doing the research work. Essay writing is an integral part of the academics for assessing the depth of subject knowledge, writing skills, research and analysis capabilities, and skills to convey the correct facts and knowledge. Students, because of their other academic commitments, may not get enough time to write a quality essay. If you are one of these students, the Middle East Tutors are the right contacts for you. We are providers of one of the best essay writing services in Saudi Arabia, Oman, and Qatar. We also have our high-quality essay writing services in UAE (Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Ajman).


We are the best essay writing company at GCC with a team of professional and experienced essay writers. We analyze and work on the minute specifications provided by you, help you in writing your essay, and achieving good grades. Middle East Tutors provides high-quality essays in UAE, Oman, Qatar, and Saudi Arabia. If you are targeting high grades in your academics, we are always available to provide you the best essay writing help. If you are searching for the best essay writing services, contact Middle East Tutors, which comprises the handpicked and experienced essay writers.


For reliable and affordable essay writing services in UAE, you can count on the Middle East Tutors. We are on top of experience when it comes to writing a custom essay to the Bachelors's or Masters's education level. Our commitment to providing the highest quality essays in the Middle East speaks volumes about our services.


Our writers are experts and extensively experienced in writing various styles of essays like argumentative essay writing and aptitude essay writing. One of the primary advantages of choosing us for essay writing services in Dubai is the quality of the essay, along with timely delivery

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Argumentative Essay Writing Help

Argumentative essays are written to analyze the position of the student on a particular topic. The student has to perform in-depth research to collect the evidence. Based on the evidence, the student establishes his viewpoint clearly and compactly. Although these essays are commonly given to students as assignments in the early days of their schools, writing these essays requires sufficient planning. Struggling to write the argumentative essays! Choose Middle East Tutors today for expert assistance. Call or WhatsApp us on 971 505696761

Cause/Effect Essay Writing Help

Cause/Effect essays are written to analyze the potential and validity of an idea. Cause/Effect essays define why a particular process occurs and what are the effects of that process. For writing such essays, a proper framework of questions is required. Apart from focussing on the purpose of the essays and arranging the direct effect of a particular cause, the student should also incorporate evidence to increase authenticity.

If you are facing a challenge in writing cause/effect essays, feel free to mail us at, and get expert assistance.

Creative Essay Writing Help

Creative writing provides adequate space for the student's imagination. These essays require a student's experience and his stretch of the imagination without going into the technical framework. These essays are given as assignments to students to allow freedom to express their ideas. However, sometimes these essays cause a challenge to students, and they opt for the best essay writing services in Dubai.

If you require assistance for creative essay writing for your Masters in Dubai, Riyadh or Manama, please contact or call us on +971 505696761.

Exploratory Essay Writing Help

Exploratory essays are the essays that are written with the writer, not knowing about the end. The purpose of exploratory essays is to deliver learning rather than writing about already known knowledge. The writer writes such essays while going through the problem without known the outcome.

If you require assistance for exploratory essay writing for your bachelor in Oman and Qatar, drop a mail at

Narrative Essay Writing Help

Narrative essays are storytelling essays. While writing the narrative essay, it is important to use the language that attaches the readers. The student should have complete clarity on the topic while writing the essay. Many students find a narrative essay writing a challenging task. Middle East Tutors provides essay writing service in Abu Dhabi and Sharjah for Bachelor and Masters Students.

If you are looking for the best essay writing company in GCC for your Ph.D. in Abu Dhabi and Sharjah, we are just a call away. Contact or WhatsApp on +971 505696761.

Reflective Essay Writing Help

Middle East Tutors provides reflective essay writing services for Bachelor's and Masters's degree students. The reflective essay is given as an assignment to the students to evaluate their skills in writing about an event in their life that had left an impact. Although students remember the events, but cannot write it on paper.

Contact us on to discuss our assistance for your next Master's essay writing assignments in UAE and Saudi Arabia. 

5-Paragraph Essay Writing Help

The Middle East Tutors provide the 5-paragraph essay writing help in Oman, Qatar, and Saudi Arabia. The essay comprises of 5-paragraphs with well-defined content. Many students are not able to figure out the margin between various paragraphs. We make the life of students easy by assisting in essay writing.

In case you require assistance for your next 5-paragraph essay, call or WhatsApp on +971 505696761

Compare & Contrast Essay Writing Help

Compare and contrast essays are written to evaluate or determine the difference between two things. Things usually belong to the same category such as two novels. Middle East Tutors provides excellent Compare and contrast essay writing services through the best essay writers in Dubai, Ajman, and Sharjah.

You are just a call away from choosing a high-quality essay writing service. Contact us on +971 505696761.

Deductive Essay Writing Help

A deductive essay requires a detailed analysis of the point to be discussed with a clear focus and conclusion. Middle East Tutors are experts in providing the deductive essay writing services in UAE, KSA, Oman and Qatar.

If deductive essay writing takes away your sleep, mail us for assistance on

Informal Essay Writing Help

Informal essays are written in informal language just for enjoyment. These are generally not written for the readers, and they improve the quality of writing of the writers. Although they are informal, certain rules are to be followed while writing these essays.

If you are not able to write an informal essay, feel free to send your query on

Persuasive Essay Writing Help

Middle East Tutors offers persuasive essay writing services to the students for obtaining a good grade in Bachelor's or Masters's degrees. While writing persuasive writing, you should support your conclusion with scientific evidence and logic. Because of time constraints or other reasons, students fail to submit the persuasive essay writing assignments.

Need assistance for writing the persuasive essay. Contact us on +971 505696761.

Research Essay Writing Help

Essay writing on research requires the right selection of words, complete clarity on the topic, and comprehensive analysis of various documents. Because of the complexity of the essays, students search for the best essay writing services. Middle East Tutors provides affordable and high-quality essay writing services in UAE, Oman, Qatar, and Saudi Arabia.

Looking for impactful essays to submit to your college or university. Mail us your requirement on

Analytical Essay Writing Help

Middle East Tutors have experienced writers that assist in analytical essay writing in Dubai, Sharjah, and Ajman. Analysis of various documents and writing the conclusion is required in these essays. Many students are unable to complete the assignments.

If you are looking for quality assistance in your analytical essay writing assignments, call us on +971 505696761.

Classification Essay Writing Help

In Classification essays, the student organizes the things into various categories. These are assigned to the students of bachelor's and Masters's to evaluate the skills of the student in categorizing the data. Writers at Middle East Tutors are capable of providing these essays.

If you find the classification essay to be complex and difficult, drop us a mail on to discuss how we can assist you.

Critical Essay Writing Help

A critical analysis is important in all aspects of the business. Whether it is a proposal or launching a product or any other business activities. The idea behind critical essay assignments to bachelor and Masters students is to provide a critical appraisal of other's work.

If you face any problem in submitting the assignment, drop us a mail on to seek assistance.

Expository Essay Writing Help

Middle East Tutors provides expository essay writing assistance in Oman, Qatar, and Saudi Arabia. In such essays, the student provides details on a topic from different angles. The writers at Middle East Tutors provide the essays according to University guidelines.

Need assistance in expository essay writing, mail us on, or call us at +971 505696761.

Literature Essay Writing Help

Middle East Tutors offers the best literature essay writing services in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, and Sharjah. The writers are experts in providing assistance right from the topic selection to the delivery of content.

Require writing assistance for Literature essay writing, call on +971 505696761.

Personal Essay Writing Help

Due to the presence of experienced writers, the Middle East Tutors provides personal essay writing assistance to Bachelor's and Masters's students. Personal essay writing is tough, and assistance from experienced writers is generally required.

If you are unable to write the personal essay, feel free to mail us on

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