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Common Requirements when Writing your CIPD Level 3 Assignments in UAE

Updated: Oct 13, 2023

A. Follow the DOs and DONTs

When preparing a CIPD Assignment, care must be taken to ensure that several aspects are included and that various mistakes that lead to failure in the assignment are avoided. Strict adherence to these guidelines will ensure that a student does not get a refer in the task.


1. Ensure that the Appendices are attached, and they cover the expected part of the assignment.

2. In the questions requiring you to explain/analyze/describe, ensure detailed responses are provided, and they are backed by relevant resources.


1. Do not exceed the recommended word count, the 3HRC assignment gauges a student’s ability to provide concise responses.

2. Do not copy material directly from sources as it will lead to plagiarism.

In conclusion, the application of the recommended practices will result in a pass on the assignment. Given that the recommendations provided apply to other CIPD exercises, your experience tacking such exercises will lead to success.

B. Use Reliable Academic Sources

When preparing the task activities in your CIPD assignment in UAE, it will be crucial to review publications that provide information on the selected unit. The information from these sources will be vital due to their breadth of knowledge.

CIPD Factsheets - It will be crucial to review CIPD factsheets on the employment relationship. The resources are useful as they are prepared by experienced practitioners with vast experience in the field. This will, therefore, assist in finding comprehensive resources for the assignment leading to a pass.

Legislative Documents - The task will require the student to draw from various legal statutes as they relate to the employment relationship. It will be critical to source such laws as they relate to the UAE.

Journal Articles – Academically back up your content by citing journal articles that are related to your subject area.

Incorporation of the resources when preparing the assignment will lead to exemplary performance. Also, the sources are readily available and are relevant.

Knowledge of EU and UAE laws - A section of the assignments will require a student to draw from various EU and UAE legislation. As a result, it will be crucial for a student to review different law publications and statutes.

The skills identified will be crucial for students to pass their assignments. In addition, the acquired skills will help the students even after completing the CIPD assignment as they are applicable in the real world.

Benefits of using Credible Resources:

1. By using credible sources, one is able to provide evidence of the various claims that are raised throughout the activity.

2. Using credible sources enables a reader to conduct focused research. As a result, they will select databases that provide information relevant to the study being executed.

3. Using credible sources also assists a student in broadening their perspective on the various HR and L&D practices in the organization. This ensures that they become highly knowledgeable in the field.

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C. Essentials with your CIPD Assignment

Every CIPD Assignment accompanies a development plan and key learning summary attained from the unit. This section is part of the assignment as it details the major lessons from its conduct and what a researcher intends to do in the future.

Development Plan

When preparing the development plan, it is critical to include practical skills that one intends to acquire. This is because skills are measurable. Also, when setting the timeline for acquiring the said skill, it is essential to allocate adequate time for acquiring and improving the identified skill

Key Learning Summary

When preparing the key learning summary, one should draw from the responses provided in the assignment and from the various resources used.

The key learning summary and development plan are critical aspects of research. They explain the various lessons acquired as well as one’s plan for the future in applying these lessons. The guidelines given will be vital in their preparation.

D. Get Tutor Review before Submission

CIPD courses in Level 3 provide details on how one may become an effective HR or L&D Practitioner. As such, the assignment tends to gauge how much students have learned towards becoming competent practitioners. Consulting with individuals in the field could be beneficial in the following ways:

1. Consulting your tutor will enable a student to identify the best practices that are applied in relation to Human resources or learning and development.

2. A tutor helps a student identify the most critical aspects that one has to incorporate if they are to be an effective L&D or HR practitioner.

3. It helps a student to provide responses to the assignment from the perspective of a

tutor, which will make the responses provided to be practical.

Consulting tutors provide a student with an advantage when conducting the assignment. It will help a student to provide responses from the viewpoint of a practitioner, which increases the applicability of the lessons acquired.

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