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Our services

Middle East Tutoring Services is a tutoring and support service agency in the Middle East that offers tutoring assistance and support services to students enrolled in CIPD, CIPS, and ILM qualifications courses. The Middle East Tutoring services only offer academic help for the students enrolled in CIPS, CIPD, and ILM qualifications. Middle East Tutoring Services works on the acceptable plagiarism policy. Although we provide you the assignments and other services with in-limit plagiarism but will not be responsible for plagiarism in the work submitted.

Non-association with CIPD, CIPS, and ILM

Middle East Tutoring Services is not associated, in any way, with certification providers such as CIPD, CIPS, and ILM. Middle East Tutoring Services does not offer any qualifications for CIPD, CIPS, and ILM and does not charge any fee for offering these qualifications. Middle East Tutoring Services disclaims all damages, tangible or intangible, and will take no responsibility and liability due to the perception of our association with CIPD, CIPS, and ILM. The CIPD, CIPS, and ILM have not endorsed the Middle East Tutoring Services for assisting the students. 

Non-promotion of academic dishonesty

The Middle East Tutoring services are committed to following the rules and regulations of the respective qualification provider, and we strongly recommend that our tutoring services such as assignment guidance, reviews, editing, and corrections should be utilized for research and reference purposes only and the students should not submit them as such. We do not, in any way, promote academic dishonesty.

Grade guarantee

The Middle East Tutoring services provide you with the content for assignments after thorough research done by subject experts. However, we do not guarantee good grades in your assessments, and you will not get any refund for poor/low grades under any circumstances.

Delay in delivery

The Middle East Tutoring Services is not liable for the delay in delivery of the services due to reasons beyond our control. However, we will try to resume the services as soon as possible after that reason/s cease to exist.

Intellectual property liabilities

We do not have any intellectual property rights such as copyright, trademark, or design marks on the logo, names, and contents provided by qualification providers like CIPS, CIPD, and ILM. The Middle East Tutoring Services have no liability for the damages that arise due to unauthorized use, of the intellectual properties of the respective owners, done by the students. However, we do have the copyright over the assignments written by our writers until the agreed payment is done. Also, if the student requests a refund, the intellectual property rights of that particular assignment would be transferred back to the Middle East Tutoring Services. The Middle East Tutoring Services have the right to publish such assignments for commercial and advertisement purposes.


Links authentication

The website of Middle East Tutoring Services has various useful links to help the students. Middle East Tutoring Services will not be liable for the authentication, accuracy, and correctness of the contents available on the linked website.

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