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Writing, Editing and Proofreading your Dissertation in Middle East


When you search for the quality dissertation writing services in Dubai, count on the Middle East Tutors, who are the best academic writing service providers in Dubai, UAE. Middle East Tutors offer the services of experts of the dissertation.


With the customized services providing to the students, we are the providers of specialized dissertation writing services in the Emirates. Our writers are experts in writing projects of good quality. Dissertation writing is not an easy task and requires an in-depth knowledge base on the topic. Here the experience and subject expertise of our writers come to rescue the students. We provide dissertation writing services in the Middle East in the UAE (Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Dubai, & Ajman), Qatar, Oman, and Saudi Arabia. The dissertation service from Middle East Tutors is in high demand among students and scholars.

The advantages of the dissertation writing services delivered by Middle East Tutors are 100% original and plagiarism free and timely delivery. The dissertation provided by us is meant to publish and the students may publish in online publications around the world. Our writers offer professional academic writing services and make us the best dissertation writing services in the UAE. Our writers, because of their experience and subject knowledge, are the best dissertation writers in UAE.

If you require any assistance for dissertation writing, Middle East Tutors is available 24*7 via mail. Drop us a mail at You may also call or WhatsApp on  +971 505696761.

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Explore our Dissertation Writing help offered by Middle East Tutors

1. Topic Selection

Choosing the topic for the dissertation is a tough task and many points are to be kept in mind simultaneously. As your dissertation will go on for weeks or months, thus your topic should be such that it keeps you motivated throughout your research. Middle East Tutors help you in the selection of the topic for the dissertation. As the best dissertation writing service provider in UAE, we consider various factors while suggesting you the topics that best suits your requirement.

2. Proposal Development

Dissertation proposal writing is a time-consuming task. It takes anywhere around 4-6 months for writing a good dissertation proposal. The dissertation proposal generally includes the topic and the goal of your research, the current state of knowledge within the area of your topic, and the implications of your research. Middle East Tutors offers affordable dissertation proposal writing services in Oman and Qatar. Out writers are expert in writing perfect proposals for dissertations and helps you to create a perfect platform for completing your dissertation.

3. Thesis Chapter Writing

The dissertation is a lengthy document and contains various elements such as introduction, prior literature, methods and material, results, discussion, and conclusion. Each element is considered as a chapter for the sake of simplifications. Each chapter should be written with an aim that should be consonance with the overall aim of the dissertation. The writers at Middle East Tutors are experts in dissertation chapter writing in Dubai and Abu Dhabi and assists the students in writing detailed information in each chapter. This will allow the reader to have complete clarity about the dissertation.

4. Data Analysis using Statistical Software (SPSS)

In the case of the dissertation involving quantitative research, the numerical data needs to be collected and analyzed. Statistical and mathematical tools are needed to analyze the data. Students find difficulty in data analysis through statistical software. Middle East Tutors offer comprehensive data analysis services to students in Middle East (Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Qatar and Bahrain). The data analysis is conducted by expert data analysts and statistical analysts. Various mathematical and statistical software is used for this purpose.

5. Full Thesis Formatting and Editing

The dissertation needs to be thoroughly checked for mistakes and grammatical errors before submission. However, checking the errors in a lengthy document requires expertise. Errors, general or grammatical, reduces the quality of the dissertation and have an impact on grades. Middle East Tutors have the best proofreading services in Sharjah and Abu Dhabi. The completed dissertation is shared with the proofreaders, who are specialized in checking and rectifying the mistakes and grammatical errors to make your dissertation perfect.

Choose from a wide range of topics for your dissertation writing help offered by

Areas of Expertise for Dissertation Writing Support by Middle East Tutors include:

Middle East Tutors provide you the comprehensive dissertation writing services in a variety of subjects. We are the provider of the best quality and affordable thesis writing services and cater to students in various domains. Some of the subjects in which our writers are expert in writing the dissertation are:

  • Dissertation writing in Marketing

  • Dissertation writing in Retail

  • Dissertation writing in Computer Science

  • Dissertation writing in Management

  • Dissertation writing in Economics

  • Dissertation writing in HR Management

  • Dissertation writing in Law

  • Dissertation writing in Nursing

  • Dissertation writing in Education

  • Dissertation writing in Psychology

  • Dissertation writing in History

  • Dissertation writing in Sociology

  • Dissertation writing in IT and Technology

  • Dissertation writing in Environment Sciences

  • Dissertation writing in Tourism

  • Dissertation writing in Medicine

  • Dissertation writing in Finance

  • Dissertation writing in Telecom

  • Dissertation writing in Energy Management

  • Dissertation writing in Brand Management and many more

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