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Our policy to help and support our customers at Middle East Tutors


Since 2015, Middle East Tutors is involved in supporting the students for delivering their best in both professional and academic studies. We are one of the pioneers when it comes to customization of research papers according to the need of the individual student. The tools provided by us will help you in improving your grades and results.

We have a Fair Use Policy in place that will guide you about the best use of work provided and to get the most from your answers.

No Plagiarism Policy

As a renowned copywriter, we respect the intellectual property rights of other people. Thus, we do not engage in any plagiarism. We do follow a strict code for avoiding any plagiarism. We have the latest software to check the plagiarism in the assignments prepared by our experts. We neither copy the work of any other author, nor we copy the work that has been done for other clients. You may count on us for quality, plagiarism-free assignments.

Complaints Policy

Feedback from you is valuable for us. While your positive feedback motivates us to deliver the best quality writing assignments, your negative feedback allows us to introspect the process and helps us overcome our limitations. Feedback from you has played a crucial role in placing us in the status we are now.

We believe that satisfied customers are the greatest assets to any service provider. We will carefully listen to your complaints and will deliver them to the best solution as soon as possible. So, please do not hesitate to initiate your complaints. We exist to provide you the best quality for your order.

We have a comprehensive complaint policy that allows you to immediately contact us whenever you feel that we do not meet your expectations. This service policy guides you about how we take and solve your problem:


1. Time

We respect your time, and thus, we try to acknowledge your mails on the same working day. However, in rare cases, when we are busy to generate the best output, you may expect the acknowledgment of your mail the next working day if we receive your e-mail in later part of the day. 

2. Quality

We assure you to provide the best quality of work. However, in cases when you are not satisfied with our work, you may contact our admin department within seven days for the recipient of work. Please do not forget to mention your problem in detail. Also please note that if we receive the request for revision of work outside the amendment period, the solution provided to you is discretionary and follows the terms and conditions mentioned in the agreement. However, rest assured that you would receive the same intensity of attention from our admin department as you usually expect if you have initiate revision in the amendment period.


3. Response and Follow up Action

Once we receive your complaint, our admin department will go through it. In case your complaint found to be justified, then we ask the writer to amend as per your requirement without any charge.

In case you forget to mention minor instructions such as writing style of source or referencing, we send your work to the writer for such amendments. However, there will be a cost for such additional work.

In case our admin department feels that your complaint is not justified, we will mail you the reasons for such a conclusion. We may ask you for further details and with a small fee, we may provide you a chance to amend the work.

In case no consensus is made regarding your complaint, another expert will analyze your case. The assessment sheet will be developed by the expert and we will pay the charge for this assessment sheet. This assessment sheet will be shared with you. If the assessment sheet concludes that your complaint is valid, we will amend the work for you without any cost. However, if your complaint is not valid, we will still try to solve your problem with mutual understanding so as maintain a healthy future relationship.

If you generate your complaint after the amendment period, we will still assess your complaint in the same manner as if it would have come to our notice in the amendment period. If we find your complaint to be justified, we will mutually work to reach a mutually agreeable solution. You may have a full or partial refund, or you may get a credit for future work.

Know your Rights

While signing a contract with us, several terms and conditions guide the overall association between us. You can have a look at these terms and conditions on our website under the heading "Terms and conditions" You can enjoy several legal rights while having a contract with us. These include:

  • Timely receipt of your order.

  • Receipt of the order as per your specifications.

  • No-plagiarism

  • High-quality work that meets your specifications.

  • Revision of work to make it according to your specifications.



There will be a complete transfer of copyright from us to you; however, in case you wish to have a refund for the work, the copyright of the work rests with

Accepted Payment Methods

Middle East Tutors accepts payment through the following channels:

  • Bank Transfer (Local and International)

  • PayPal

  • Western Union


Order Cancellation

You will appreciate the fact that the services provided to you are unique, and thus, we will not be able to cancel the contract once our expert has started working on your order.

Limited Liability 

Middle East Tutors provides its services as an independent copywriter and does not engage in provision of academic courses. Our research and copywriting services extend only to individuals and companies and what they require us to research and write/edit. We have 'No Liability' towards the usage of the content by the individuals or companies in any way possible and as such, the client is responsible for its usage. 

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