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CIPD qualification has significant importance in Bahrain. After the CIPD certifications, the expectation of the employer for the employee rise to a new level. The CIPD certifications help you to make space in the team meant for critical decision making. Because of the training and development skills incorporated in you through CIPD certification, the decisions you would make are more rational and logical. It results in career advancements. The CIPD Level 5 certification in Manama gained new heights as it improves the earning potential and makes you more employable. You may also get assistance in CIPD assignments in Manama.

Where to get a CIPD Qualification in Bahrain?

1. Victory Training and Development Institute  

Victory Training and Development Institute is an approved center for CIPD training. It is on a mission to improve the skills of the professionals and creating a better workplace to work in. The training offered by this center is for Level 3 (Foundation), and Level 5 (Intermediate) CIPD HR and L&D programs in Bahrain. The institute was set up in 2008.

In the year 2009, the institute received the quality Assurance Authority for Education and Training (QAAET) Recognition and Approval. The center is committed to assist the students, who have set their eyes on CIPD qualification in Bahrain. The center always implements and look for new ideas and innovative techniques to impart training.


Phone: +973 17404104

Levels offered:

3 (Foundation), 5 (Intermediate)

2. Oakwood International LLC

Oakwood international limited is a well-known name in the arena of CIPD training. The center is recognized for its innovative techniques for training and developing young professionals. It provides training in Level 3 (Foundation), and Level 5 (Intermediate) CIPD HR and L&D programs in Manama. The quality of the material is high, and the tutors are experienced.

Oakwood has the privilege of working with several big businesses and deeply understand the need of today’s organizations. This understanding has been imbibed in the training and learning material for CIPD. The students will be provided with a valuable combination of both theory and practice. The center always strives for an exceptional learning experience for its students.


Phone: +973 17622708

Levels offered:

3 (Foundation), 5 (Intermediate)

3. Bahrain Training Institute

With a vision to achieve the feat of leading training provider in the region, Bahrain Training Institute is one of the pioneers in professional training and workshops. The institute provides the training in Level 3 (Foundation), and Level 5 (Intermediate) CIPD programs in both HR and L&D in Bahrain. The tutors at the institute are highly experienced who are  in direct contact with industry.

The institute provides high-quality learning and development to the students and professionals who are looking for assistance in CIPD certifications. The institute imparts emphasis on a vision-focused approach and develops excellent leadership and decision-making skills into the professionals. The tutors at the institute also offer support to complete the assignments.


Phone: +973 17870666

Levels offered:

3 (Foundation), 5 (Intermediate)

If you have enrolled for any of the CIPD Level 3, Level 5, or Level 7 certifications in Bahrain, take professional assistance from Middle East Tutors. The experts at are always keen to help you in achieving your endeavor.

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