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Getting CIPD Qualification in Qatar

Contact us today to gain access to expert advice and quick help in Level 3, Level 5 and Level 7 CIPD units in Muscat

CIPD certifications have made their presence all over the world in the field of HR and Human resource practice. CIPD qualification in Qatar has its importance. Professionals with CIPD certifications are extensively trained and handles tough situations with greater maturity. Further, the professional with CIPD certification changes the overall management of the HR department as his skills are enhanced through the certification program. Various training institutes accredited with CIPD UK exists in Qatar that provide training for CIPD certification in Qatar. Join the CIPD level 3 and CIPD level 5 in Doha to escalate in your career.

Where to get CIPD Qualification in Qatar?

1. Oakwood International LLC

The Oakwood International training center is recognized by CIPD UK that provide training and essential learning to you to obtain CIPD qualification. The center offers training in Level 3 (Foundation), and Level 5 (Intermediate) CIPD programs in Qatar. The Oakfield has imparted training to more than 20,000 students and professionals seeking to qualify CIPD programs in both HR and L&D.

The training develops the skills in you, which is required to handle the HR challenges in global organization. The training is delivered through case studies that helps in developing strategies in the actual organizational scenario. It will help to progress your career and enhance earnings.


Phone: +971 4 359 9020

Levels offered:

3 (Foundation), 5 (Intermediate)

2. Bradfield Consulting Ltd

Bradfield Consulting Limited offers a comprehensive training program for the students and professionals desired to get trained in in Level 3 (Foundation), and Level 5 (Intermediate) CIPD programs in Qatar. The tutors are highly supportive and creates a student-friendly learning environment. The faculty at Bradfield motivates and develops the skills in the student.

The main aim of the Bradfield consulting is to help you to get CIPD qualification and increase your human resource and practice skills. Through the training at Bradfield, you can mark an impact on organizational decision making and will increase your earning potential.


Phone: +971 4 440 5190

Levels offered:

3 (Foundation), 5 (Intermediate)

If you want to enrol for CIPD Level 3, Level 5, and Level 7 certifications in Qatar and requires any assistance related to assignments or have other queries in context to CIPD certification, feel free to contact You will receive complete professional support by expert writers.

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