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Citation Requirement in CIPD Assignments

Updated: Feb 4

While writing ethically, as a student, you should give credit to the originator of those sources or articles from which the information has been gathered from writing. This acknowledgment of the source is called a citation.

Understand CIPD assignment citation rules and regulations. Learn the importance of accurate citations for academic success.
Deciphering Citation Requirements in CIPD Assignments

The citations can either be kept on the last page under the heading references or citations or can be put in the footnote on each page. It is an important consideration that creates a differentiation between what comes under the ambit of your intellectual property and what is not your creation.

The absence of citations may attract a bad name to your career and may label you for plagiarism. It may also lead to rejection of your work. So, citations are very important when you are extracting information from other sources.

There are various ways of writing the citations, however, CIPD generally demands them to be written according to the Harvard System. While citing books, reports, and monographs, the name of the author is followed by the year of publication of the reference publication.

If the book does not contain an author but rather the compilers or editors, then the word “eds” should be written after the name of the compilers or editors. In case you require to cite a comment from the book, the citation should start with "In". There are various ways to cite journals, newspapers, and magazines.

Always remember to cite the references in a proper format to avoid the risk of getting your work rejected. If you are not able to understand the citation requirement or citation format to be incorporated in CIPD assignments, contact us at or call +971 505696761.

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