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Do’s and Don’ts when Preparing CIPD 3HRC Assignment

When preparing the 3HCR Assignment, care must be taken to ensure that several aspects are included and that various mistakes that lead to failure in the assignment are avoided. Strict adherence to these guidelines will ensure that a student does not get a refer in the task.

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Navigating the CIPD 3HRC Assignment Successfully


1. Ensure that the Appendices are attached, and they cover the expected part of the assignment.

2. In the questions requiring you to explain/analyze/describe, ensure detailed responses are provided, and they are backed by relevant resources.


1. Do not exceed the recommended word count, the 3HRC assignment gauges a student’s ability to provide concise responses.

2. Do not copy material directly from sources as it will lead to plagiarism.

In conclusion, the application of the recommended practices will result in a pass on the assignment. Given that the recommendations provided apply to other CIPD exercises, your experience tacking such exercises will lead to success.

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