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How to Ensure You Remain Within the Prescribed Word Count in 3PRM Assignment

The assignment has multiple parts - Part 1 to Part 4. Each of these parts has a specific word count allocation that must be strictly adhered to. Here are some of the actions to ensure that you remain within the word count.

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1. Have a draft of the assignment. In the draft, approximate the word count of each of the questions.

2. Answer the questions with accuracy. Ensure that there is no wordiness in the responses provided by eliminating any filler words.

3. Revise the answers provided for each part. Where the word count has exceeded, rewrite the section, ensuring it meets the guidelines.

Ensuring that the word count is critical because it illustrates a student’s ability to be brief while meeting all expectations. When a word count of 500 is expected, stretching it to 800 implies that one failed to follow instructions.

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