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Skills One Needs to Develop Before Completing 3RAI Assignment

Before conducting the 3RAI Assignment, there are various skills that a student may need to practice and refine. This is because parts of the assignment will require a student to apply these skills if they are to pass the task.

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1. Presentation skills

The assignment will require a student to develop a captivating and informative PowerPoint. The PowerPoint will have to incorporate graphs, charts, and tables. A student should, therefore, know how to prepare a presentation incorporating all the identified aspects.

2. Knowledge of EU and UAE laws

A section of the assignment will require a student to draw from various EU and UAE legislation. As a result, it will be crucial for a student to review different law publications and statutes.

The skills identified will be crucial for students to pass their assignments. In addition, the acquired skills will help the students even after completing the CIPD assignment as they are applicable in the real world.

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